Mary Beth + Max // Telluride Destination Wedding

Telluride Wedding Photography - TJ Romero-66.jpg

Internalizing is the way I process highly emotional experiences. After revisiting whats left of this beautiful day of vulnerability, thats exactly what I saw. 

The vulnerability of putting each other out there in front of family and friends on the most important day of your life thus far. 

"When the momentum of the day sweeps me up and tosses me into fates hands, all I have is you. Sneaking looks here and there, locking eye contact for seconds, just to confirm that the wind is carrying you, my lover gracefully towards me.  

When all is stripped down; when the wind dies, the momentum slows, and the color fades... there I will find you. Just where you were; right next to me."

Thanks to Adam Houseman for having me along.

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