Denver Botanical Gardens // Anna Lee + Brandon


Nothing haunts me more often than the idea of what the World has to offer.

While in design school, I picked up a book that introduced me to the concept of Feng Shui.

 Since then, I have focused on surrounding my life with the five elements of the World: Earth, wind, fire, water, and wood. 

Today, I share with you, the first wedding I've had the pleasure to fully be immersed in the five elements of the World. The organic design of the World I believe in presents itself fully in the tangles of firery glass; the feeling of cool mist floating in the warm summer breeze; and most importantly; the smell of fresh dirt between the trees while digging for lost wedding rings.

I've learned a few things at this particular wedding, such as:

If you are the groom; don't shave after you've buttoned your best white shirt up to the top.

Instead of tossing the garter; just hold an authentic Texan-style auction and see who actually deserves the privilege of the honor.

Live music echoing off the walls of the reception hall embodies the ones you love most. 

Also, make sure your wedding is decorated with unique, hand-crafted glass by a World-renowned glass artist, Dale Chihuly, that happens to be featured at Denver Botanic Gardens.

A fairytale wedding venue anytime of the year, but especially in mid-summer, the Botanic Gardens only amplifies the feeling of love shared between two humans.

PS: Live music and Elvis Presley amplifies the love people share at your wedding. 

Imagine doing what you love, while working with someone you love and respect. Today, I spent many hours next to a wedding photographer, Casie Zalud. Thanks for having me stand with you during this beautiful wedding. One love.