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Handcrafted // Nostalgic // Romantic

 three words: Handcrafted // Nostalgic // Romantic


If I had to tell you who I am, what I stand for, and why I wake up everyday hungry to plunge myself into peoples most intimate moment of their life up to now... these three words contain all of what makes me tick. 

I believe anything crafted by hand is pure. Charm is in the imperfections. Our imperfections are what makes us perfect. 

I believe jazz needs to be experienced live. The magic is in the journey. Our lives are full of improvisations and collaborations with people we know will come through. 

I believe tears are meant to be shared. Our story is one of a community of dreamers, waiting to help each other experience life to the fullest. 


Years of assisting, second-shooting, and shooting on my own have sculpted the way I approach each unique wedding. Over the years, I have developed a sense of premonition for delightful, unexpected moments of love. This is what I capture.


Marriage is something that I've always have had a fascination with. Since starting my journey photographing weddings in 2011, I've explored my inner-self and what makes me tick. It turns out out that I'm a romance junkie. To me, romance is something people live. Everyday life exudes romance. I see beams of light and experience a feeling of joy that takes over my senses every time I witness someone holding a door for someone, paying for a strangers coffee during the hustle of the early morning, elderly couples holding hands while enjoying each others company.

One thing I bring to your wedding that no one else has... my romantic eye. From getting ready, to the last frame of the evening, my premonition guides me to quietly capture organic moments that find me. 



My mission

A breath. A moment that only I experience. The quiet beauty of silent bodies interacting, perfectly still forever. It stands the test of time, as proof of our desire to give love and to receive love.